Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my "Start Game" button greyed out/why are my characters missing?
The dev team is currently working on fixing this. It is usually fixed with a restart of the server program, so please wait until then.
I get a white screen and a red box when trying to log in, am I broken?
Just wait for the server to restart. It usually fixes itself.
Where do I download the game?
Log in or register account and visit the Dashboard to find the download link.
Do you take donations?
We will never accept donations or payment of any kind.
Who are the GMs?
In game, their names will have [GM] before it.
What's an alpha build and why this is so unstable?
An alpha build is a release that is in a very early stage of development. This alpha was provided so fans of megaten could play it before its full release, and possibly even help with testing and showcasing bugs for the devs. It's unstable because a good portion of the the content hasn't even been coded yet.
I got stuck in a rock or fell out of the world, what do I do?
Use traesto stones/traesto skill to try and get out, or submit a request in #unstuck-requests
Why is every text in my game gibberish?
You need to either switch your locale to japanese for non-unicode, or use the locale emulator found in #resources
Why is the game not translated to english yet?
There is a seperate team working on a full english translation, and a partial one for demon/item names in #resources . progress is slow however, so please be patient
Why do I keep getting sent back to XXXX place everytime I disconnect?
When the server crashes, your character position will be reset to where you were last time you logged in. This is a problem with asynchronous saving, and is being looked at. Logging off or changing characters will 'save' your position.
I started playing and see people with cool gear, where do I get some?
Check in with DB Ann, check #announcements for details
Why is my demon not reviving when I use a reviving orb?
This is a known bug, and the only solution is to resummon your demon. They will come back revived.
How do I get Magic Control since Saint Germaine isn't working?
Use Class 2 or higher destruction magic, buy some books from the comp shop, or gather yagiya reports for thoth.
Why can't I do ACT/Quest XXXX?
They haven't been implemented yet. You can ignore them altogether for the time being, really. If it works, great! If not, too bad!
When will XXXX be fixed?
Eventually. Probably.