Community Rules

By creating an account you agree to the following conditions:

  • You will report any bugs you might find, especially potential exploits that could affect the game balance or give an unfair advantage.
  • You will not intentionally exploit any bugs you may find, even after reporting them.
  • You will not use third party tools or programs to automate or exploit gameplay.
  • You will not log in with more than two characters at once to prevent abuse.
  • You will not knowingly participate in RMT (Real Money Trading) in any capacity.
  • You will not harass, bully, or intentionally ruin the experience of any other user or users.
  • You will not use the in-game message services for commercial advertisement.
  • You will not flood the in-game message services in such a way that interferes with the user experience.
  • You will not use the public in-game message services for sexually or otherwise explicit conversation.
  • You will not intentionally affect availability of any ReIMAGINE service or server.
  • You will not impersonate any member of ReIMAGINE staff or the COMP_hack development team..
  • You will not use any ReIMAGINE services for any illegal activity.

If you believe any user is violating these conditions, please report them either using the in-game feature or by contacting staff on our Discord server.

If any user is found to be in violation of these conditions, an objective investigation into their actions will be started, and punishment will be chosen based on the severity of the violation or if the user is found to be a multiple offender. Punishment may range from removal of certain items, effects, or even account suspension in severe cases.

If/when these rules are changed, users will not be retroactively punished except in severe cases. If/when the rules are changed we will notify users by updating this web page.